Welcome delegates! In the coming weeks you’ll find information about your committees, directors, and positions below.

General Assemblies

World Health Organization

An organization we are all now familiar with, as members of the World Health Organization, you will have to tackle health challenges around the world, focusing on those unrelated to COVID-19.

United States Senate

Take charge in the “World’s Greatest Deliberative Body”, to try to solve the complex topic of campaign finance reform. Ensure your interests are represented, while still producing a bill that can escape the power of the filibuster.

Crisis Committees


The Ad-Hoc committee will be a challenge, without extensive pre-preparation.

A background guide is not available for ad-hoc.

Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet

Take charge of one of the most influential British administrations, seeking to end the crisis in Northern Ireland.

Signoria of Florence

Take charge of the Signoria of Florence in the last days of Cosimo Medici III. Will the city maintain its position in Italy, or will it begin to slip away?


Become one of the great pirates of the 18th century!