French Revolution

It is the last meeting of the Estates-General. Substantial tax and food pressure have pushed the systems of the Kingdom of France to a breaking point. As a member of the Estates-General, you are being asked to resolve the crisis. Functioning as a crisis committee, members of different estates will have different powers. Members will be distributed between the estates to replicate the systems at work in the real French Estates-General.

Director: Daniel Reisner. Daniel is a junior majoring in political science, with a concentration in international relations. Daniel got into Model UN with his friends in high school, and, outside of Model UN, enjoys reading, writing, sword fighting, martial arts, and table-top RPGs. Daniel says that “I speak three languages, and will accept complaints in Hebrew, Spanish, or English”.

Chair: Larry Peng. Larry is a junior double majoring in Computer Science+Economics and Statistics. Larry joined Model UN in his junior year of high school with his friends, and fell in love. Outside of Model United Nations, he is into Computer Gaming, VR, Blockchain, Startups, and Programming.