It is February 24th, 2022. At 0500 Kyiv time this morning, a Ukrainian border checkpoint in Crimea went silent. At the same time, a massive uptick in radio chatter on channels used by the Long-Range Aviation of the Russian Federation was detected. As NATO members have been warning for months, the Russian Federation has just invaded Ukraine, the first major land war in Europe since the collapse of Yugoslavia, with the potential to be the largest since the Second World War. You are a representative on the NATO council, and have been awoken for an emergency meeting.

In our NATO special body, you will be asked to lead a NATO nation through current issues confronting NATO resulting from the invasion of Ukraine. The committee will begin in February of 2022, but members will be asked to deal with crisis topics through considered resolutions, instead of short directives, and without special powers. However, resolutions taken by NATO In effect, this special body will combine some of the most interesting elements of both crisis simulations and general assembly debate.

Director: Ethan Cooper

Chair: Dennis Austin

Vice-Chair: Edward Ma. Edward is a junior majoring in accountancy and finance. He joined Model UN this year at the first meeting of the semester. He also loves History, gaming, basketball, fitness, and language.

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