Thatcher Cabinet

In the Thatcher Cabinet, you will be asked to deal with one of the most challenging issues facing the British and Irish governments in the second half of the 20th century, the conclusion of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. You will be responsible for putting Northern Ireland on a path to peace, through a variety of means, seeking to negotiate a final end to the Troubles. Portions of the letters from the director and the chair have been attached below.

Welcome to the cabinet of Margaret Thatcher! I’m Zarifah Shahid, current Global Studies and Mathematics junior, member of the Illinois Model United Nations team, and your committee director for this conference! As a high school MUN veteran, I’ve been in both amazing and not-so-amazing committees, and I’ve worked hard to try to ensure that all your experiences in this committee fall into that first category. I hope that your time in Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet is above all exciting and fun, and that we’ll all make memories that will last a lifetime!

Congratulations on your prestigious positions as cabinet members of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher! My name is Samuel Rahman and I will be the chair of this committee. I am a senior studying Econometrics and Neuroscience here at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign although I spent my first two collegiate years at DePaul University in Chicago. Since junior year of high school, I have attended and staffed MUN conferences big and small. During this conference, I ensure you will be in good hands as I and the other staffers have worked tirelessly to bring you a historical simulation that will take the collective skills of all committee members to solve diplomatically.