It is 2015. You are on the board of directors of the bio-technology startup Theranos, led by charismatic CEO Elizabeth Holmes. There are rumors floating around that there are ongoing attempts to tarnish the reputation of the company, by mysterious outside forces. Your goal is to protect yourselves and protect the company from any fallout, and show to the world that these rumors, whatever they are, are false.

Director: Muriel Bowen. Muriel is a junior majoring in Geography-Geographic Information Sciences and Political Science. Muriel got into Model UN after watching the MUN episode of the TV show Parks and Recreation, and has been involved in MUN ever since, for 9 years now. In her free time, Muriel, a strong urbanist, likes to watch videos on urbanism, biking, and food. Muriel’s favorite city is Berlin.

Chair: Zarifah Shahid. Zarifah is a senior majoring in global studies. She started with Model UN her freshman year of college, and has been unable to stop since. Outside of Model UN, her interests include rollerblading, photography, Gothic literature, old cop shows, and origami.

Vice Chair: Kiran Kuttan

Dear Delegates: Below is your background guide. Please pay particular attention to the character bios contained within, as they are the most important portion.