March 24th-26th 2023

Welcome to MUNI XXV

Any registration, logistics, or pressing questions can be sent to the following emails for prompt responses.

About us

We are excited to host you for the 25th annual Model United Nations at Illinois Conference, held March 24-26th, 2023.

Once again, we are returning to an in-person high school conference, with safety as our top priority. We have multiple resources and policies in place to ensure everyone can participate in a safe and engaging environment.

At MUNI we strive to provide interesting committees across a variety of topics in contemporary and historical global politics. Any and all delegates can trust they’ll find themselves in an exciting committee with us.


Secretary-General: Sasha Rushing: Sasha Rushing is this year’s Secretary-General, having served last year as USG for Registration, SecGen Rushing is excited to finally bring MUNI back to in-person status. SecGen Rushing is a junior studying history, with a minor in German.

Under-Secretary-General for Committees: Tina Wayne:

Under-Secretary-General for Logistics: Keon Sung:

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