April 22nd-24th, 2022

Welcome to MUNI XXV

Any registration, logistics, or pressing questions can be sent to the following emails for prompt responses.

About us

We are excited to host you for the 25th annual Model United Nations at Illinois Conference, held April 22nd-24th, 2022.

Once again, we are returning to an in-person high school conference, with safety as our top priority. We have multiple resources and policies in place to ensure everyone can participate in a safe and engaging environment.

At MUNI we strive to provide interesting committees across a variety of topics in contemporary and historical global politics. Any and all delegates can trust they’ll find themselves in an exciting committee with us.


John Eric Paguio, Secretary-General (Fall)

John Eric Paguio is the Fall Secretary-General, and is a junior studying Civil Engineering. SG Paguio is responsible for large-scale oversight, and the direction of the conference. This is his second year staffing MUNI, serving last year as simulation staff. SG Paguio competed in MUNI XXIII and MUNI XXIV, which prompted him to continue in college.

Marcelo Vargas, Secretary-General (Spring)

Marcelo Vargas is the spring Secretary-General, serving as a “director of directors”. SG Vargas is responsible for advisor feedback, coordinating committees, their staff, and staff assignments. SG Vargas is a junior majoring in Political Science and History on the Pre-Law Track. He hopes to go to law school after finishing his undergraduate studies and to become a lawyer specializing in family law. He became interested in Model UN due to his interest in international affairs which led him to become a Political Science major.

Larry Peng, Under-Secretary-General of Committees and Simulations

Larry Peng is the USG of Committees and Simulations. USG Peng oversees committees and leads staff training. USG Peng is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science+Economics, with a minor in Statistics. USG Peng is excited for MUNI, and Model UN in general.

Sasha Rushing, Under-Secretary-General of Registration and Recruitment

Sasha Rushing is the USG for Registration and Recruitment. USG Rushing is responsible for emails to advisors, setting up registration forms, and portions of the website. USG Rushing is a sophomore majoring in History. He became interested in Model UN due to his interest in international affairs and global politics. USG Rushing competed in MUNI XIX, XX, and XXI.

Arianna Cooper, Under-Secretary-General of Logistics

Arianna Cooper is the USG of Logistics. USG Cooper is in charge of all logistical arrangements, such as hotels, food, and transport, and should be contacted with questions in these areas. USG Cooper is a junior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology and Political Science. She is an international student, originally from India, but has also lived in the United Kingdom and Oman. In high school, she served as the Logistics Head of her Model UN team.

Muriel Bowen, Under-Secretary-General of Merchandise

Muriel Bowen is the USG of Merchandise. USG Bowen is responsible for souvenirs and candy-grams, and she serves as the fundraising chair for Illinois Model UN. USG Bowen is a sophomore in Political Science and Geography, and she competes on the Illinois Model UN team.

Ahmed Hasan, Under-Secretary-General of Technology

Ahmed Hasan is the USG of Technology. USG Hasan is responsible for setting up MUNI’s online resources in a safe and accessible manner. USG Hasan is a major in Computer Science+Economics.

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