Last Wand Standing: Death Eaters Convene



Welcome, Death Eaters, to the convention that determines your fate.

It is October 31st, 1981. Lord Voldemort has just been struck down at the height of his power following a disastrous incident at Godric’s Hollow, and the Wizarding world is celebrating as rumors spread of a potential post-Dark Lord era.

As the Death Eaters, you and your fellow committee members must strategize to maintain your dwindling stronghold over the magical community while simultaneously defending against opposition attempts to subdue or capture members. Such cooperation will be undoubtedly difficult, as opportunity for new leadership has arisen in the wake of Voldemort’s disappearance, and numerous hopefuls are vying for the top spot. Will the Death Eaters manage to retain their empire, or fall prey to their own individual greed?

The future of the wizarding world is in your hands. See to it that mischief is managed!

More info coming soon...