The Boxer Rebellion Joint Crisis Committee: The Eight Nation Alliance



As a member of the Eight-Nation Alliance, you will be a representative of one of the following nations: Austria-Hungary, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, or the United States. As a representative of these nations, you will be working together to combat the Boxer Rebellion which has risen up against the weakened Qing Court and foreign influence. To this end, will you make friends with your fellow alliance members toward opening up China for foreign influence? Or will you try to get a larger piece of the pie?

Size: 10+ delegates

Experience: Intermediate -> Experienced

Room: TBA


Topic: Boxer Rebellion - Eight Nation Alliance Perspective

Meet Your Dais

Daniel Reisner
Greetings delegates, I am Daniel Reisner and I am excited to be your co-director for the Boxer Rebellion JCC. Currently, I’m a senior in political science, and have 7 years of MUN experience. This is a committee I’ve always wanted to run, so I can’t wait to see it all unfold with you!