Olympus Gods



Welcome Olympians! The infamous Trojan War is nearing its end, but neither side is getting any closer to victory. You must use your godly powers and work with mortal heroes to draw this war to a close, but beware: some of your fellow gods may be conspiring against you. Be prepared to sway mortals and slay enemies at the Council of the Olympians!

Size: 8+ delegates

Experience: Beginner -> Intermediate

Room: TBA


Topic: Council of the Olympians

Meet Your Dais

Serena Naji
Hello! My name is Serena Naji and I'm a Freshman majoring in English in the College of LAS. I am directing the Council of the Olympian Gods, a crisis style committee focusing on bringing the Trojan War to an end. This is my first year as part of Illinois Model UN, as well as directing a committee. I look forward to combining a passion for mythology with MUN, as well as facilitating delegates having an enriching experience at MUNI!