United States Senate



For this upcoming session, Senators will be considering an agenda which has become a growing concern for many Americans: healthcare. Senators will be primarily assessing the Affordable Care Act and producing a replacement bill that can address the demands and interests of the American people. This body will operate with a special, modified parliamentary procedure that closely mimics the actual floor procedures of the U.S. Senate. Delegates can expect a focus on longer, quality speeches, comprehensive consideration of resolution clauses, and dynamic negotiations between the Republican and Democratic parties, with the threat of a filibuster being a possible tool for both parties...

Size: 20+ delegates

Experience: Intermediate -> Experienced

Room: TBA


Topic: Reforming the Affordable Care Act

Meet Your Dais

Keon Sung
Hello Senators, I am Keon Sung and I am excited to be presiding over your Senate session. I am currently a senior majoring in political science and philosophy, and I have been doing MUN for the last 8 years. I’ve had many fond memories of doing MUN in high school, so I hope I can bring you the same experience in this committee.