United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific



As a member of UNESCAP, you will be confronted with two major challenges in Asia and the Pacific: economic inequalities and military involvement within nations, and rising pollution in every environmental sector. Tensions with both of these conflicts have been steadily increasing, and finding solutions is more imperative than ever. Delegates will be tasked with peacefully reconciling strong national preferences in the region, with smaller nations going face-to-face with larger states' interests.

Size: 30+ delegates

Experience: Beginner -> Intermediate

Room: TBA


Topic A: Resolving Conflicts in the South China Sea

Topic B: Addressing Pollution in the Asia/Pacific Region

Meet Your Dais

Divij Garg
Hey, my name is Divij Garg and I'm a sophomore at UIUC studying math. I've been involved with MUN since my junior year of high school, and one of my favorite memories was SIMUN, my first in-person conference. The food there was absolutely amazing as well as Hogwarts-like asthetic.